How Long Are Divorce Proceedings Expected To Last?

How Long Are Divorce Proceedings Expected To Last?

Not every divorce is the same, and due to this it can be extremely difficult to give a time frame. Below are a few ways that we are able to give you an idea for how long you should expect to wait before your divorce is final.

How Long Does Divorce Take?

The time frame of the divorce is dependent completely on the court itself, how willing the couple is to deal with each other and the attorneys.

• The biggest hold-up in divorce proceedings is generally due to the division of assets. When the divorcing couples are unable to agree on the terms it can take years to get everything into place.

• If the couple is quite agreeable and agreeable in terms of the divorce and the division of assets than the only time that you will have to wait is what your state law requires. Many states require at least a 6 month waiting period before they will finalize a divorce.

• If you and your spouse are unable to come to agreeable terms and choose to litigate than you will be at the mercy of the schedule of the courts. This could potentially delay your divorce several months.

How you can Help to Avoid Delaying your Divorce

There are several ways that you could be delaying your divorce and not realizing it. You could also be driving up the cost of the divorce as well; here are a few ways that you can help to minimize the amount of time you waste on your divorce as well as the money.

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• There are quite a lot of aspects of your divorce that you should not need your lawyers to help you settle. While it may be a difficult time to try to deal with your spouse it is crucial to try to work out as much as possible of your divorce before you involve your lawyers. The more you are able to settle the faster your divorce will be and the less expensive as well.

• Take some time on your own to try to work out any personal issues. It can be an extremely difficult time for you, and you may want to try to seek professional counseling in order to try to get yourself to an accepting stage.

• Take a step back and look at your reasoning for fighting. Think about if what you are fighting about is really worth the time and money that it is costing your, or if you may just be doing it to get back at your spouse.

• Make sure you disclose all of your personal income and assets.

• You will want to hire an attorney with skills in divorce law and litigation. It is best to go with an experienced lawyer, and choose someone who has a specific concentration in divorce law and not just a general attorney that can do divorce law.

• Make it a point to discuss the aspects of the divorce that are the most important to you. You will want an attorney that will be able to work toward acquiring your divorce and fighting for the things that are most important to you while being able to let go the ones that are not.

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Where to Get Help

If you are considering legal separation or divorce, it is in your best interest to get qualified legal assistance from a licensed divorce attorney. Your attorney will guide you through the process; answer your questions; and advocate for your legal rights, financial, and emotional well-being (and that of your children.)