Great Travel Suggestions on What to Do in Atlanta

Great Travel Suggestions on What to Do in Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia is a wonderful city that is not too big but offers so many things that larger cities do while maintaining its friendly smaller city friendliness. In 1996 it was so fondly thought of that it was chosen as the location for the Summer Olympics drawing thousands of visitors from all over the world to see what Atlanta has to offer. According to an Atlanta divorce lawyer, it is a vibrant city that many professional athletes and big names in the music industry choose to call home. It also offers a variety of attractions to see says an Atlanta divorce attorney. Atlanta is home for the Atlanta Falcons a professional football team and Atlanta Braves a professional baseball team.

Many of the attractions that people want to see are actually all located in close proximity to one another in an area that is a walking distance making it very convenient to those that do not rent cars on their visit. The first stop may be the world of Cola. This attraction has a fun 4D theatre experience as well as a real working bottling line that allows the visitors to take home their own 8 oz. bottle of cola. Visitors can also see the artwork of several artists and sample over 30 types of soda from around the world.

There are also two great places to make sure to visit, especially if you have children and they are the Georgia Aquarium as well as the Imagine It!-The Children’s Museum of Atlanta. The Georgia Aquarium is the world’s largest aquarium with the world’s largest exhibit called the Ocean voyager that holds some of the largest fish around like the whale shark which will swim below you. They have several great tours to take so check with the information desk about those. The Children’s museum is a great place located downtown that offers kids of all ages several exhibits that are great for hands on learning. They also have a great program for people that home school their children for extra ways to learn.

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One of the biggest places many people want to see when in Atlanta is the Centennial Olympic Park. There are many fun things to do in this large 21 acre park area and one of the favorite things to see is the Fountain of Rings show. It is a water fountain show that does a synchronized dance to music using the water and lighting and it is called the Fountain of Rings because underneath the fountains are the five Olympic ring symbols. There are also great playgrounds for children and a wonderful ice skating rink for visitors to enjoy.

For people that enjoy seeing some historical sites there are two great ones located in Atlanta. The first one is the Martin Luther King Jr. national historic site and the other one is the Jimmy Carter library and museum. Both of these places honor these important men from Georgia and what they did for our country as a social activist for racial equality and as the President of the United States, respectively.