Choosing a Divorce Attorney: How To Best Make Your Selection

Choosing a Divorce Attorney: How To Best Make Your Selection

Going through the dissolution of your marriage can be one of the most stressful, confusing times in a person’s life. It is hard on any kinds that you might have, it is hard on both the husband and the wife, and it is hard on the family structure as a whole. During this time of crisis, it’s difficult to think about such precise matters as choosing a divorce attorney, but it is a decision that must be made. If there are assets and custody in dispute, you will need someone to be your advocate in mediation and possibly in court. Here are some of the factors you should weigh when making your choice.

First, you want to find a divorce attorney who has gone a few rounds in the ring, so to speak. Some of the brightest minds are coming out of law schools around the country every year. They will join up with firms, start their own practices, and focus on the type of law they are best at. You don’t, however, want one of these individuals representing you. You want the guy (or gal) with some calluses built up on their knuckles. The more experience, the better. In all likelihood, this is your first time through such a proceeding, so you want to have someone by your side who has seen it all before.

You’ll want someone who can speak to you in a way that you can understand. It’s not that you need a friend as your divorce attorney, but, in a sense, that’s exactly what you need. If it comes down to choosing between an experienced soldier and a shoulder to cry on, by all means go with the soldier. But it really shouldn’t have to come down to such a choice. You should be able to depend on your lawyer as something of a therapist in this time. You will be telling them some deeply personal aspects of your life, so it goes without saying that they should make you feel comfortable.

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Finally, of course, you’ll have to consider pricing. A divorce attorney is not likely to come cheap and you certainly shouldn’t put yourself in a position where you’re shopping for bargain basement legal advice sales. All the same, the most expensive guy in town isn’t necessarily the best, either. Find someone who is reasonably within your budget, while still exhibiting the kinds of traits you want to see in your legal representation.