A Perspective on the Divorce Process

A Perspective on the Divorce Process

During the past decade, numerous television series have sensationalized the divorce process. Thanks in part to the writers of those television series, we members of the viewing public now have a skewed perception of the divorce process – we mis-perceive the divorce process as being ‘exciting’, ‘vigorous’, and ‘glamorous’.

As a divorce attorney, let me shoot straight with you….there is nothing exciting, vigorous, or glamorous about the divorce process or the justice system in general. If you do not believe me, you are welcome to shadow me to work one day. Our day will begin in Oklahoma Divorce Court where, once you start to look around, you will see that the divorce attorneys who practice in real life bear zero resemblance to the divorce attorneys you see on television.

On television the attorneys wear $2000.00 suits. On television the attorneys use ‘shark-like’ tactics and behave in a way that is ‘cut-throat’. Those are the same television attorneys who exclaim to all who can hear their arrogant voice ‘I do not care about the consequences, I only care about winning’. Reality check, this is not television is Real Life Court.

In Real Life Court, an attorney who wears a $300.00 suit is considered ‘high-end’. In Real Life Court, an attorney who uses ‘shark-like’ tactics is perceived by his colleagues as being ‘unprofessional’ and he quickly becomes stigmatized by his own reputation. In Real Life Court, you do not hear attorneys talk about ‘the win’, you hear them talk about ‘the settlement’. The settlement is reached outside of court, according to terms that are mutually favorable for both spouses.

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