A Good Divorce Lawyer Will Steer You Through Child Custody Proceedings

A Good Divorce Lawyer Will Steer You Through Child Custody Proceedings

Child custody hearings are almost never congenial, and those put at greatest risk are the children.  Even if both parents have the best interests of the children at heart, the situation can and often does get ugly quickly.  Petitions such as “alienation of affection,” “unfit parent,” etc. are par for the course.  Amidst such bitterness and belligerence you must maintain a calm mind to focus on the task at hand.  You need to hold yourself together for the sake of your children.

A good divorce lawyer will lead you through this destructive, damaging and confusing process.  You should procure the services of the very best divorce lawyer that you can afford.  You do not want to find yourself outgunned from the very start of a custody battle.  You need the confidence that only a top-notch divorce lawyer can provide for you.  A good lawyer will also be able to counsel you in order to help clarify what outcome(s) you wish to foster.

Try to maintain as normal of a relationship with your children as possible during this difficult time.  In some states, children can declare for themselves which parent they wish to have primary custody when they are as young as twelve years old.  That’s a lot of pressure for a child!  An excellent attorney will interact well with your children before, during and after the battle is over.  

In this way, a great divorce lawyer must be much more than simply a barrister.  For a short period of time, they may nearly become a family member, a shoulder to cry on and an important friend.

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